These days microservices is one of the trending technologies (architectural styles). I am one of the early adapters of it, who implemented this architectural styles in their live projects. From last couple of years, I implemented the same in various projects. There was a day when my friend Abhishek Kumar suggested me to write something on the subject and this is the day when our book is up. Thanks Abhishek for your motivations and all supports.

This is not possible to complete book without the guidance and support of a great and well known industry expert. I am thankful to Ed Price for all his guidance to make better contents for audience. Ed Price is Senior Program Manager, Microsoft AzureCAT (Customer Advisory Team), Microservices and Cloud Development.

Book writing is not an easy job, as it takes a lot of time. Sometimes, it needs your personal/family time. So, I want to thank all who motivated me and allowed me to spend time on this book, time that I was supposed to spend with them. My first thank you is to my wife, Shuby Arora, for her support in all ways. Then, I would like to thank my angel, Aarchi Arora (the newest member of our family). A great thanks to my parents whose blessings are always with me; this is because of them. I would like to thank the entire Packt team, especially Vikas Tiwari and Denim Pinto for their overnight support. A great thank you to Ed Price for his in-depth knowledge and his suggestions to improve various sections of the book. Finally, I want to say thanks to both Lalit and Manish for their full support as co-authors and their reply when I need for the book discussion. I am glad who is having great friends, my friends Ronen, Chen, Rahul, Digvijay, Raju are awesome and I am thankful for their all support.